Okay Temiz Rhythm Atelier

Okay Temiz, rhythm lessons many times has implemented so far for the children. Okay Temiz, these courses sometimes troubled children as spastic or therapy, sometimes also performs as a multi-purpose to introduce children at an early age a sense of rhythm.

  1. Our study new era for adults

    Rhythm Workshop activities for adults starting in September. Please fill in the application form for adults to participate in the contact page.

  2. Our study new era of children’s group
    Rhythm Workshop sessions for children starting in October. Please fill in the application form for children to participate in the contact page.


  3. Okay Temiz Rhythm Workshop held by firms teamwork

    Okay Temiz many firms that perform training so far has had the concept of teamwork with the rhythm of life. Purpose, enabling them to produce the most senior executives together until the security guard company employees of all ages and professions, connect them to strengthen adaptation to troubleshoot and “can not be one without the otherto be aware of the concept.

Okay Temiz, Oriental Wind album entered the studio to work. Very soon the new album shelves.